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 Some of our newest Ohana members showing their Aloha Spirit!!!
(click on picture for larger view)

Sasuke's Human said:

doggie name:SASUKE
I am continuing having ”Aloha Spirit" in Japan!!

Takumi Ihara

 Sasuke in a new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Collar and Leash.  "DOG GONE HAWAIIAN IN TOKYO, JAPAN!"
Mahalo human friend Takumi Ihara
Roxanne's Human said:

Hi Lori,
We recently purchased and aloha collar for our dog Roxanne soon afterarriving on island.  We love it and think it looks great on her.  Thank youfor your great work and we will keep buying from you in the future, we lovesupporting local business.  Aloha!
Stacey Lanning

Roxanne in a new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Collar.  "DOG GONE HAWAIIAN IN HAWAII!"
Mahalo human friend Stacey Lanning

Newt and Micki's Human said:

Pics of my two corgis sporting their new Aloha Doggie Collars in Wichita KS.  Hard to get pics of them looking at the camera due to their hair coats.  Newt is pictured first and my female Micki is the black tri colored.  Thanks,
Denise and Janet Stange


Newt and Micki in new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Collars.  "DOG AND CAT GONE HAWAIIAN IN WICHITA, KANSAS!"
Mahalo human friends Denise & Janet Stange

Sophie's Human said:

Aloha from Midland, Tx bought this outfit from you're shop @ aloha stadium swap meet ,really enjoying it ,hope you like the pic, she so cute huh? 

Sophie in a new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Dress, DOG GONE HAWAIIAN IN Midland, Texas!"
Mahalo human friend Mickey
Leo's Human said:

Aloha !!
We bought one of your collars from you at the Stadium Market in Hawaii. As promised, here are a couple of pictures of Leo wearing it.
I'm sure he is going to get alot of comments about it out on his walks.

Karen & Steve Shepherd.

Leo in a new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Collar.  "DOG GONE HAWAIIAN!"
Mahalo human friends Karen & Steve Shepherd 
Kahlua's Humans said:

My niece and I were at your tent in the stadium last Saturday and bought the shampoo and treats. Here is a picture of our baby after taking a bath with your shampoo - eucalyptus and lime. He also tried his treats.
Our dog's name is Kahlua. We live in Santa Clara, CA.
Warm regards,
Lynn and Maira

Kahlua Fresh and Content Local Style in a Kolohe TShirt.  "DOG GONE HAWAIIAN IN SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA!"
Mahalo human friends Lynn Galam & Maira
Pixie's Human said:

Here is pixie in her Hawaiian dress. So cute! Love it. We miss Hawaii!

Thanks again!

Pixie in a new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Dress.  "DOG GONE HAWAIIAN!"
Mahalo human friend Joyce Ho

Fergie, Teine, D-Lo, & Nui's Human said:

Introducing the Calica-Laiafa Ohana.
Fergie Calica Haynes Laiafa (you can guess which one she is) is a resident of Fairfield and San Francisco, Ca. She loves playing dress up and never tries to chew off her or wiggle out of her clothes.
Teine Laiafa (chuihuahua mix) hails from San Francisco. Unlike Fergie, Teine does not really care for dressing up. She does whatever she can do to get undressed including chewing up the neckline or purposely going underneath a car only to come out with a huge oil streak stain on her back.  The boys are D-Lo Laiafa (Chihuahua) lives in San Francisco.  Though he's not a fan of clothing either, he does it to please his momma. ;) Nui Calica (Dachsund) lives in Fairfield, Ca.  Nui does not mind wearing clothes as long as you're paying him all the attention.
Everytime they wear their pairs, they always get compliments on how adorable they look. Thanks for the lovely clothes. Next time I'm visiting Hawaii, I'll definitely check out your stand.
Aloha and mahalo!Faaae Laiafa

The Clica-Laiafa Ohana in new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Shirts and Dresses.  "DOGS GONE HAWAIIAN ALL OVER CALIFORNIA!"
Mahalo human friend Faaae Laiafa

Ruby & Poquito's Human said:

Thank you for our beautiful collars. We love them!

Ruby & Poquito



Ruby and Poquito in new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Collars.  "DOGS GONE HAWAIIAN!" 

Mahalo human friend Leona Poulsen


Sammy's Human said:

This is my dog Sammy from California.... I was there to buy my statue from Tom & found this cute outfit for Halloween & a U of H tee for her (which I will be sending you a picture of that soon).

Ronell Romo-Rios


Sammy in a new Hula Skirt and Lei.  "DOG GONE HAWAIIAN IN CALIFORNIA!" 

Mahalo human Ronell Romo-Rios





 Kane in a new Custom Fabric over Webbing Aloha Collar.  "DOG GONE HAWAIIAN IN CARSON, CALIFORNIA!"  
Mahalo human friend Korin Cuico