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 Some of our newest Ohana members showing their Aloha Spirit!!!
(click on picture for larger view)
Moka's Human said:

i went in honolulu 2 weeks ago and i bought 2 t-shirts for my dog and here a few photos. we live in tahiti. my dog is called MOKA.


Moka Ready to Protect in Tahiti wearing  a Red "Lifeguard on Doody" TShirt.
Mahalo human friend Linda
Memphis' Human said:

I bought an Aloha shirt for my fur baby Memphis while visiting Ohau. Here is his picture :)

Thank you!
Kerry King
Memphis, Las Vegas, Nv

Memphis is a Dog Gone Hawaiian in Vegas wearing an Exclusive Gog Gone Hawaiian Aloha Shirt in "one of our newest un-named patterns."
Mahalo human friend Kerry
Lily's Human said:

I bought a doggie tee shirt and lei for my one year old chocolate lab Lily while visiting Oahu over Memorial Day weekend.  I am sending you a couple of pictures.  I still hope to find a dress for her someday.

Karen Kelley

Lily spreadin' the Spirit in an "Aloha from Hawaii" TShirt and Lei.
Mahalo human friend Karen
Tiki and Lily's Human said:
just got back from ohau, great trip, love your dresses.  This is Tiki, 3yrs (in pink) and Lily, 2 yrs (in orange) They are sisters,  they live in Hutto, Tx (near austin), and they love to get dressed up!
Tiki and Lily goin' Totally Tropical in Texas wearing new Exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian "Hibiscus Royale" and "one of our newest un-named pattern" Aloha Dresses.
Mahalo human friend Janice
 Chocolate and Maximus ready to hit the puppy park in new Custom Aloha Collars.
Mahalo human friend Mary Kay

Chester's Human said:

Aloha Lori -
We bought a collar from you at the swap meet in Feb 2012. I was so
surprised you carried one big enough for our dog! (225 lb, 34" neck).
Previously his collars were special-ordered and the selections were slim.
He loves his new collar and is sporting it now for our Vacaville,
California summer. Here is Chester, English Mastiff.

Chester Comfy in Cali wearing a new Custom Fabric over Webbing "Tropical Beauty" Aloha Collar.
Mahalo human friend Jeanette
Bonzai's Human said:

This is Bonzai. He is a Boxer - Pit mix from Pittsburg, CA. He is wearing the "Sufer Boy" collar. We didn't waste any time putting his new collar on and he seems to like it! He also very much enjoys your Peanut butter treats!

Bonzai lookin' to wax up his surfboard in Cali wearing his new Custom Fabric over Webbing "Surfer Boy" Aloha Collar.
Mahalo human friend Angelica
Bella's Human said:

GlacierHi Lori,

My husband and I met you at the flea market in April while we were on vacation.  We purchased a pink dress and lei for Bella (picture attached) and a hawaiian shirt and lei for Max (who LOVES clothes).

Lisa Lubowiecki
Tampa, FL

Bella goin' Polynesian in Florida in her exclusive Dog Gone Hawaiian "Kailua Sunrise" Aloha Dress and matching Lei.
Mahalo human friend Lisa
Riley's Human said:

Hi Lori,

My aunt, uncle, cousin and her husband visit Hawaii every February.  February also happens to be my birth month.  This year for my birthday I got a puppy named Riley.  My family brought me back this wonderful Hawaiian shirt from your store for Riley and he looks so adorable in it!

Gayle in NJ

 Riley the New Jersey Surfer Dude ready to charge the wave on his Woody Surfboard wearing his new "Woody & Surfboard" Aloha Shirt and accenting lei.
Mahalo human friends Gayle and extended family
Cooper's Human said:

My mother in law was visiting Hawaii a few weeks ago and sent us a collar for our beagle. She asked us to send you a picture, saying you didn't have any of beagles. So here is a picture for you! Hope you like it! Cooper loves his new collar!

Brittaney Hinton
Cooper Lookin' Debonair Hawaiian Style in his new "Island Garden" Custom Cloth over Webbing Aloha Collar.
Mahalo human friends Brittaney and Grand Mom-in-Law

 Mia's Human said:

Hi Lori

I was recently at the flea markets on 15th April, and my girlfriend and
myself purchased dog collars, leads, jumpers and leis for our dogs.   I showed you my little Mia and you told me to send the photo of her with her new things on so you can put a photo of her on your webpage.   I hope the few I have picked are ok. Everyone loved them, especially Mia.   She is already now for when we have a Hawaiian party.  I might have to send them in a couple of lots.

Patrice Ryan
Sydney.  NSW Australia
Mia party ready Down Under wearing an accenting Lei.
Mahalo human friend Patrice

Smokey lookin' Local to Da Max in Redlands, California wearing his Dog Gone Hawaiian Exclusive "Hawaiian Time Blue" Aloha Shirt and Cookie Lei.
Mahalo human friends the Diaz Family

Goldie, Chief, and Commander's Human said:

Hi Lori,

I purchased a couple of Hawaiian shirts for my 2 Yorkies and I wanted you to see how cute they are.  They love wearing their new shirts.   

Picture #1 Goldie (golden retriever) Commander's on the left and Chief's on the right
Picture #2  Chief
Picture #3 Commander

Aloha, Myra Thompson
Navarre, Florida

How about this trio!  Ready for the "Kau Kau" (food) at the Luau in their Dog Gone Hawaiian Exclusive "Lahaina Luau" Aloha Shirts and accented Lei.
Mahalo human friend Myra
Alex' Human said:
Hi Lori,

Here are a few pictures of my parents' dog Alex with his new collar on (post the picture you think is best).  Both my parents are from Hawaii so they REALLY love his collar.  Every year when I vacation in Hawaii I bring back a new collar for Alex.  This is the first collar I've purchased from you (every year you've been out of his size by the time I reach your booth) and it is their favorite.

Lisa Barclay
Alex Content to Rest or Jump Into Action in San Ramon, Cali wearing his long awaited Custom Fabric over Webbing "Island Garden" Aloha Collar.
Mahalo human friends Lisa and Parents

Cyanea's Human said:

Here are a couple of pictures of Cyanea Garcia in her Hawaiian dress. Cyanea lives in Arizona. 

  Crystal Garcia

 Cyanea Ready to Dazzle Arizona in our new Exclusive "Hanalei Wahine" Aloha Wear Dress by Dog Gone Hawaiian pet products and nicely accented with a Purple Lei.
Mahalo human friend Crystal
Cricket Givin' the Flowers in Atlanta, Georgia some Competition wearing a new "Tropical Beauty" Custom Fabric on Webbing Aloha Collar.
Mahalo human friend Annie Peterie

Chance, Tater, and Ripley's Human said:
Aloha Lori-

Better late than never I alway say.  Here are some pics of my poodles
Chance, Tater and Ripley with their brand new collars we bought from you
while on vaca in December 2011!   We all love them.  Fond Regards   -d
Chance, Tater, and Ripley Ready to Go Out of the Town in their new Guaranteed for Life "Dolphins," "Turtles," and "Crazy Daisy" Collars.
Mahalo human friend Darlynn Newell
Lily's Human Friend said:
Hi Lori  Just a quick email to say Thanks very much Just got home and the collar fits and looks great on my Dog !! I have attached a couple of pics as requested!!

Kind Regards Craig

Ps Your not related to Laird Hamilton are you??

Lily Ready to Join the Hula Halau in a new "Hula Dance" Custom Fabric on Webbing Aloha Collar.
Mahalo human friend Craig Holland

Makana Restin' Up in a new Red Hawaiian Fire Dog TShirt in Kam IV Road Kalihi
Mahalo human friend Karen
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