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 Some of our newest Ohana members showing their Aloha Spirit!!!
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Emma's Humans said:

Hi Lori,

Emma, our Miniature Schnauzer, is proud to wear your Aloha Doggie Collar in Osoyoos B.C. Canada. We will be sure to find you on our next visit to the island!

Aloha form Canada!

Scott and Debbie Arthur
Emma Gettin' Pampered Hawaiian Kine with a new Custom Fabric Over Webbing "Plumeria Lei" Aloha Collar in Tropical B.C. Canada!
Mahalo human friends Scott and Debbie
Angus' Human said:

Aloha Tom,

Here are two pictures of our Scottish Terrier, Angus, wearing his new collar purchased at the swap meet.  You're more than welcome to use them as you wish.

John Mosier

Angus Settin' a Trend in one of our NEWEST designs of new Custom Fabric on Webbing "Tropical Garden" Aloha Collar!
Mahalo human friends Deena and John Mosier


Libby's Human said:


We were in Hawii the first week in February.  Libby's hair covers the collar when she faces the camera.  Hope you can use one of these pics.

Libby Gone Tropical in a new Custom Fabric on Webbing "Hanauma Bay" Aloha Collar!
Mahalo human friends Wayne and Beth Blangford

Nimbus and Mongo's Human said:
Hello guys!

I bought collars from you for my two dogs at the Swap Meet in February. They absolutely love them, and were so excited that it was very difficult to get them to sit still for a picture--until bribery was employed. Thanks so much! It was great meeting you guys!


P.S.-Nimbus is the yellow lab, Mongo is the Boston Terrier.
Nimbus and Mongo Picture Perfect (even if it took awhile) in their new Custom Fabric over Webbing "Hawaiian Time Blue" and "Lua Red" Aloha Collars!!
Mahalo human friend Melissa King
Sammy's Human said:
Hi Lori,

My daughter returned to Auckland, New Zealand from Hawaii today. She brought back a very cute pink Hawaii Plumeria collar bought from your store for our four month old puppy, Sammy. (Photo attached). Sammy is a labrador border collie cross we adopted last month from the SPCA. I would really like to buy the matching leash. I have tried to order it from your web site but it
doesn't recognize New Zealand as a valid address. Is there any way that I can buy one from you?

Thanks for your help.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Jan Scott.
Sammy Feelin' the Aloha Spirit in a new Pink Plumeria Economical Hawaii Collar.  Sammy also has a new matching Leash!!
Mahalo human friend Jan Scott and Daughter
Suki Trend Settin' in Seattle, WA wearing a Custom Pink Aloha Dress from our NEW, EXCLUSIVE LINE of Aloha Wear designed by Lori herself (COMING TO OUR WEB SITE SOON!!
Mahalo human friend Raymond Mingming
Itsy Bitsy Showin' Great Taste wearing a Custom Orange Aloha Dress from our NEW, EXCLUSIVE LINE of Aloha Wear designed by Lori herself (COMING TO OUR WEB SITE SOON)!!
Mahalo human friend Jon Bartalome
Jakey's Human Said:
Hi Lori

As promised, here are a couple of photos of my dad's dog Jakey with the
collar on that we purchased from your stall at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
Markets.  He is from Sydney, Australia.

If you need anything else, just let me know.

Jakey ready to Ride the Waves Down Under in his new Custom Cloth on Webbing "Surfer Boy" Collar.
Mahalo human friends Gail and Joe Garzaniti
Duke Restin' up before the big game in his new UH One-Step Soft Harness.
Mahalo human friend Maria Elena Reavis
Willie's Human Said:
Hello! We made a purchase from you back in December for our dog Willie!

I just wanted to submit our photo of him for your website wearing his nifty new Aloha Shirt in Blue! 

Thank you!

- Jolene Kozak
Willie Leadin' the Pack wearing a Custom Blue Aloha Shirt from our NEW, EXCLUSIVE LINE of Aloha Wear designed by Lori herself (COMING TO OUR WEB SITE SOON)!!
Mahalo human friend Jolene
Tank's Human Said:

HI Lori 

My husband & I bought this off of you at the Aloha stadium back in November! 

Tank is a 3 yr old boxer 


Bridget & Steve Shiets 
Tank livin' Island Style in his new Custom Cloth on Webbing "Tropical Breezes" Collar.
Mahalo human friends Bridget & Steve

Otto's Human Said:

I finally got him to sit still! You can hardly
see the collar under all that fur but we love it!

Sent from Meredith Hummel at Ft. Shafter
Otto finally restin' after a hard day of play (he meant work) in his new Custom Cloth on Webbing "Tropical Garden" Collar--one of our newest designs!
Mahalo human friend Meredith
Breezy's Human said:
Hi Lori,
This our puppy, Breezy, sporting his new Hawaiian Beach Dog shirt and Aloha
collar that we purchased from you at the Swap Meet.
Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!
Maribel Jumaoas
Stockton, California
Breezy Lookin' Good and Knowin'It in Cali, wearing his new Custom Cloth on Webbing "Hawaiian Time Blue" Collar and "Hawaiian Beach Dog" TShirt.
Mahalo human friend Maribel Jumaoas
Jorja Livin' Comfy in Hew Hampshire, Dreamin' about napping on a beach in Hawaii wearing a new Custom Cloth on Webbing "Tropical Beauty" Collar.
Mahalo human friend Pamela Keefe

Saige's Human said:

Here is our dog Saige in the Vermont snow with her Aloha Doggie Collar; she loves the collar!

 Saige lookin' soooo cool, in a cool place, wearing one of our Newest Patterns "Island Garden" Custom Cloth on Webbing Collars.  Now that's a cool dog!
Mahalo human friend from Vermont
Andie's Human said:
Hi Lori,
It was nice to meet you at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet in October. Sorry we are just now getting these to you, but we just finished sorting through all of our souvenirs from that day and found your card!
Attached are a few of pictures of our 11 month old Saint Bernard, Andie, in his new collar for the Ohana Board. He loves it and still has a lot of room to grow!
Sydney Boom
Andie catchin' some Z's before the action--probably ready to do the "Haka" prior to rescue duty in his New "Polynesian" Pattern Custom Cloth on Webbing Collar!
Mahalo human friend Sydney
Goober's Human Said:
Hi Lori,

We came by your stall this Saturday at the swap meet and bought the lifeguard shirt.  Here is the pic I promised of our little guy Goober with it on.  ENJOY!


Candy Kaopuiki
Goober ready for the rescue in his new Lifeguard on "Doody" TShirt.
Mahalo human friend Candy
 Cholo Q's Human said:
Aloha All... Here's 1yr. old Cholo Q and Vato Q  fr. Haleiwa, HI
Cholo Q Chilin' in his new Back UH Collar!
Mahalo human Friend Mele C

Vato Q gettin' ready for the big game in his new Green UH Collar!
Buster's Human said:


I bought one of the U of Hawaii shirts at the Swap Meet a few weeks ago. Here is a picture of my dog Buster sporting the shirt on the Jersey Shore!

Thank you,

Buster showin' his Team Spirit in his new
Green UH TShirt on the East Coast!
Mahalo human friend Meredith

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