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 Some of our newest Ohana members showing their Aloha Spirit!!!
(click on picture for larger view)
Kanoa's Human said:

Aloha Lori,
This is my dog Kanoa. We bought the tee shirt and the scarf at the swap meet in early Oct. from your booth.
Kanoa is a Pom and was a puppy mill dog that we rescued. He was in a cage for two years in a chicken coop metal building. He is one of 144 dogs rescued that were stacked three cages high. He was really scared when we got him. I love Hawaii, as I use to live there in Ewa Beach as a child. So I wanted to give him a Hawaiian name.
When I let him off his lease, to run in our backyard for the first time, he leaped and smiled and ran and ran all over the yard, it made me cry, he was so happy to finally be free and loved. I knew his name would be Kanoa, meaning the free one. We have had him one year Sept. 10th, and he is a true blessing to us. Here are three photos of him, you might like for your website. He was a surfer dog for Halloween. Isnt he adorable??
Thankyou for time, have a great Aloha Day,
Phyllis Walden

Kanoa is sooooooo cute, it's beyond words and a GREAT RESCUE!  He was meant to be a "Local Surfer Boy," showing off in his New TShirt, Lei, and Scarf 
in Sherwood, Arkansas, a city outside of Little Rock!
Mahalo human friend Phyllis

Samson's Human Said:
Aloha Lori,Samson loves his collar. It fits him perfectly. Much mahalo for all your help.It was a pleasure meeting you. Take care!    Sincerely,

Ed, Norife, & Samson (from the San Francisco Bay Area)

Samson Goin' Pacific Island Tribal in the San Francisco Bay Area--ready to do the Haka in his new Custom "Tapa" Pattern Cloth over Webbing Collar.
Mahalo human friends Ed & Norife
Brady Magruder's Human Said:

Aloha, we met at the swap meet ... we are from las vegas, you said to email you pictures of my puppy so here they are!!

Brady Magruder
From the 9th island .....Viva LAS VEGAS
Brady Magruder bettin' on his team at the 9th Isle and lookin' Buff in his new Black UH TShirt!
Mahalo human friend Kera Lopez
Stella's Human Said:

Stella loves to model for pictures and the one picture shows just that!  She is a Red Min-Pin and lives in Wahiawa.  Thank you so much for the amazing harness!

Super-model Stella lookin' Stunning in Paradise wearing her new UH One-Step Soft Harness.
Mahalo human friend Shannon
Charlie's Human Said:

Hi Lori,
This is a picture of our chihuahua fox terrier modeling your UH harness. He loves to sit in this position...hahaha!

Thanks and have a good day!
Lauren, Elias, & Charlie

Charlie Standing Proud to show his new UH One-Step Soft Harness--OMG how cute can you get!
Mahalo human friends Lauren & Elias
Chase ready to hit the field with the team in his new Green UH Gear!
Mahalo human friend Lala

Rasta's Human said:

Hi Lori,

This is a picture of my dog Rasta in his "keep on surfing" T-shirt at the Old Man River in Lethbridge, Alberta. Thanks so much!

Rasta Lookin' HOT in Canada in his new Green "Surfin" TShirt.
Mahalo human friend Jane Brwonridge
Caup'r Lookin' Suave' in his new Guaranteed for Life "Honu" (Turtle) Print on Webbing Collar.
Mahalo human friends Tom and Cody Gilbert
Kahoku's Human said:

Hi Lori, as promised, here is a pic of our baby with the gear we got from you :o)

Mahalo, Anja

"E ho'omau ka holomoana"
"Let us continue the voyage"
Kahoku Sportin' his Team Colors and Supportin' UH in his new UH Green TShirt and UH Green Leash.
Mahalo human friend Anja Hunt
Rosco's Human said:
This is our Yorkie, Rosco, from Minnesota.
The shirt is a little small but he didn't mind
it too much. :)

Our little bobble-head!

Rosco lookin' Ready to protect in his new
Embroidered "Lifeguard on Doody" TShirt.
Mahalo human friend Brianna Williams

Yankee's Human said:

here's pictures from St Louis MO of Yankee
Nicholson in his  Hawaiian
Can't wait to visit Hawaii  again!


Yankee Island Style in Missouri sporting his new
Custom Cloth on Webbing Collar.
Mahalo human friend Judy


Leo's Human said:
"He loves clothes and as if he knew that these
were special he posed for many pics, but
sending them all can take a day to download lol"
Thanks for loving dogs as much as we do
Jacqueline Hernandez
Whittier, California
My friend has 3 other poodles w/shirts
(souveniers) we gave them, but I don't have pics yet
Leo hangin' out Beach Kine in California wearing
his newEmbroidered "Lifeguard on Doody T-Shirt.
Mahalo human friend Jacqueline
Cali (Black Lab) and Carly (Brown Lab) Chillin'
Hawaiian Style in Nebraska wearing their new
Custom Cloth Over Webbing Collars.
Mahalo human friends Vera and Gary Luft
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