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 Some of our newest Ohana members showing their Aloha Spirit!!!
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Thor's Human said:

Here is a picture of Thor in his Honu doggie collar that we purchased from the swap meet. As you can see, he looks most stylish in his new accessories.  :0)

Thor lookin' Majestic in his new Lifetime Guaranteed Honu (Turtle) Collar and Leash Combo.
Mahalo human friend Dawna

Maggie Mae and Makana Lulu's Human said:


Hi Lori!

Here are the photos of Maggie Mae (black lab) and our newest baby Makana Lulu (11 wk old - yellow lab).
Maggie Mae is in the Plumeria cloth & nylon and Makana Lulu is in the Flip-Flop "Slippahs" print (not on your website yet)
Makana is still growing into hers :)

Mahalo from San Diego, CA

Maggie Mae and Makana Lulu spreading Aloha in San Diego in the cutest way, wearing their new Custom Cloth on Webbing Collars.  Maggie Mae's Plumeria pattern is one of our favorites and Makana Lulu's Slippahs pattern is one of our newest--she's one of the first to get it--if anyone wants one before it hits the web site, email Lori!..
Mahalo human friend Mary Cader
Kona hangin' out Island cool in Las Vegas wearing his new Wiley Dog Surf Tank Top T-Shirt.
Mahalo human friend MJB Lewis
Spencer lookin' totally Hawaiian in St. Joseph, Michigan wearing his new "Puna" Custom Cloth Over Webbing Collar.
Mahalo human friend Liz Pockrandt

Sergeant's Human said:

Hi I'm Sergeant and I love my new police dog shirt !! I like to cruz at my home in Aina Haina say hi if you see me on my walks:)!
Sergeant on-the-case and lookin' official (and way cute) in his new Black Hawaii Police T-Shirt.
Mahalo human friend Mahina

Darwin's Human said:

Here is Darwin wearing his surfer boy collar. He is a 3yr old Carin Terrier. We recently moved to Hawaii from upstate. NY and we will be living in Pearl City.
Sorry it took me so long to send the photo, we love the collar!


Dawin lookin' pure Kama'aina (local) and ready for the beach in his new "Surfer Boy" Custom Cloth over Webbing Collar.
Mahalo human friend Renee'

Tasha's Human said:

This is Tasha, a 9 year old (Chow, Irish Setter, Poodle and Sheltie) mix from East Dubuque, IL. I picked up the collar last month at the Swap Meet.  She is the envy of all her friends. Thank you for a great reminder of the tropics.
Tasha, Hottie in Illinois, in her new Lifetime Guaranteed "Crazy Daisy" Collar.  She has Aloha alive and well in Dubuque.
Mahalo human friend Linda.


Xander's Human said:

I visited the Flea Market at Aloha Stadium in May. Purchased a new collar, leash and matching keychain.
Here are some pictures of my handsome boy, Xander!  We love the collar!!! He was so excited to put it right on the moment I got home!
We are from Cleveland, Ohio but he loves to swim in his kiddie pool on those hot summer days!! He even has one for our house and one at gramma's! What a spoiled boy!!

Yep, Xander's livin' Aloha with a Laid-back Island Lifestyle--in Ohio!  Lookin' super sharp in his new Lifetime Guaranteed "Honu" (Turtle) Collar.  Lucky Dawg, he even has a matching Leash and his Human has the keychain!
Mahalo human friend Tabatha.
Lucky's Humans said:

Hi Lori,

This is Lucky, a Pit Bull / Dalmatian mix from Napa Valley, California.

He LOVES his new collar and wanted to send you more than one shot of him in it.

Mahalo for the excellent product,

Carissa and Brittney Hickey-Barclay (and Lucky!)

Lucky lookin' real Debonair in his new Lifetime Guaranteed "Silverado" Collar.
Mahalo human friends Carissa and Brittney.
Cruisin' around town in Charlston, South Caolina is lots more fun in his new custom Fabric on Webbing Teal "Geckos" Hawaiian Collar.  Even Buckley can't resist checking it out in the mirrors!
English Bulldog Bosco gets tons of compliments where ever he goes in his new custom Fabric on Webbing Hawaiian Collar called "Hawaiian Garden," one of our NEWEST designs--special order!
Mahalo human friend Susan Kosakowski


Bella "on top of the world" in her custom Fabric on Webbing Hawaiian Collar called "Lepo Pink."
Mahalo human friend Ryan Hall

 Stitch thinkin' LUAU in his new Black Aloha Shirt
Sara and the gang re-enacting a scene from Hawaii 50 in their new Lime Green Hawaii 5-0 TShirts.
Mahalo human friends Rona Adams, Susan, and Partick
 Sara, Bindi, and Dulce lounging around snuggly warm in their new Purple Sweaters.
 All the way from Redding, California; the Pontes Ohana showing Aloha in their new Pink Hawaii Collars with Yellow Plumeria!
Mahalo human friend Stephanie
"Chillin', Hawaiian Cool Style in Vancouver, BC, Canada" in his new Made-in-Hawaii Black Aloha Shirt.
Mahalo human friend Niva

"On-the-Job" and lookin' good in his new Black Hawaii Police T-shirt.
Mahalo human friend Dr. Lloyd Kamehameha West
Hamilton Said,
Howzit Lori
Sgt. Hamilton J Billingswoth III from Castle Rock Colorado on the job.

Trust Me Brah...I'm a Kahuna an Docto
Gotta go now cuz...Ono Grindz waitin.
We talk story lata... mus pau.
A hui hou kakou.
Daisy's Humans' Said:
Hi Lori,

The other day I picked up a purple plumeria one step soft harness for my 2.5 year old Jack Russell, Daisy.  I've already taken her out running with it.
 It's a great fit, and Daisy gets so many compliments on our walks/runs.  We can't wait to pick up more doggie gear at the swap meet next time we're there.  As promised, here are some photos of Daisy with her harness on.

Thanks so much!

- Lexi & Daisy

"Energy with Style" in her new Single Buckle One-Step Soft Harness in Purple with Plumeria.
Mahalo human friend Lexi Rowland
Rococo's Humans' Said:
We traveled to Hawaii and bought this collar from you last week, we have returned home to Texas and our dog Rococo was upset we left him home for 10 days, but was very happy and proud to wear his new collar, he has been showing it off to all his friends.
Bolton family
Hangin' Out "Island Style" in his new Custom Aloha Print Cloth over Webbing "Hawaii Time Blue" Collar.
Mahalo human friends the Bolton Family
Milo's Humans' Said:

I was so happy to find your Products With Aloha Spirits in Swap Meet last Saturday~
My little boy Milo,Looks so great in UH Shirt, UH Harnesses & Leashes Set!~ (Go UH!!!~^^)
Although, I bought 4 of lovely doggie towels for some of my international friends but I didn't buy for Milo so I have to visit you again~lol
Also, I didn't see any Black UH shirts but next time I visit I would like some of Black UH Shirts too~
Any how, I promised I'll send you pictures of my little one so, here is my "Handsome Boy Milo" in your UH Shirt, Harnesses & Leashes~
Seeun & Milo^^

Sportin' his UH TShirt and Single Buckle One-Step Soft UH Harness with UH Leash Combo; Supporting his favorite Team--"Go Warriors and Bows!"
Mahalo human friend Seeun Nicolas

Malie's Humans' said:

Our 3 year old Terrier-Chihuahua Malie looks "Pretty In Pink" in her new harness we purchased yesterday, Saturday May 14th.  It's difficult to find harnesses to fit her comfortably and fit her well since she's tiny.  We live in the Salt Lake area and seldom visit the Aloha Stadium swap meet.  We're extremely glad we did and had an opportunity to meet you and make this purchase. 
Thank you for your creativity!
Lookin' "Pretty In Pink" in a new Plumeria Single Buckle One-Step Soft Harness!
Mahalo human friend D Ochie
Chillin' in a new Cherry Blossom Collar!
Mahalo human friend Judi Volk
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